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We built storesavvi.com to help businesses get great reviews from their loyal customers, both on Mobile devices and computers!

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We know that as a local business it is hard to manage the process of getting your customers to write great reviews about you. We also know how hard it is on your business when someone who gets bad service or has a small issue turns it into a big problem that doesn’t go away with their negative online review.

So we built StoreSavvi.com to help businesses solve problems quickly for their dissatisfied customers and help their happy customers promote them with great reviews on Google and Facebook!

StoreSavvi is a great way to stay connected with your customers! Get great reviews from your loyal happy customers and solve problems with your not so satisfied customers before they turn into a bad review.

StoreSavvi.com is Quick, Easy and Free for 60 Days! No Credit Card Required.


So how does StoreSavvi.com work?

StoreSavvi.com Create an Account

You can easily create a business account on StoreSavvi.com by going to our create an account page. There you will be asked to fill out your name, business name, your business email address, and you will create a password to access your account.

Add your Facebook Business and Google Business pages!

StoreSavvi.com add Social Media Account

Next you will be asked to enter the URLs (web addresses) for your Google Business page and your Facebook Business page. Your business should have these two pages as they are the leading review hubs on the internet. If you do not know how to create a Google or Facebook page for your business, send us an email and we can give you some advice on how to do it yourself, or we can build it for you for a small fee.

I have an account! Now what?

StoreSavvi Sign up screen

Once you have a StoreSavvi.com account, you can easily contact customers that have just made a purchase or received a service at your business and guide them to get you great reviews. When the customer leaves the store you log in to StoreSavvi.com and send a message to them to see how their experience was. Sending the message is easy just enter the customer name and their email and hit the Send Request button. That’s it! No writing an email, no making sure the URL to your social accounts are right… Just enter their name and email and hit Send Request!

Then StoreSavvi.com gets to work!

StoreSavvi Sign up screen

First StoreSavvi.com generates an email for your customer that is simple, straightforward, and gets to the point. It’s automatically generated when you hit the Send Request button so the process is totally simple for anyone to do. The email has a link to a web page that is also automatically generated by StoreSavvi.com!

When your customer clicks on the link we make it simple for them as well!

StoreSavvi How Did we Do Page!

Once your customer clicks on the link, they are given an option to score your service: Great! Mediocre, or Not Good.

This is where StoreSavvi.com gets really cool! Any response from the customer that is GREAT! directs the customer on how to write a review for you on Facebook or Google!

Any response that is Mediocre or Not Good, automatically sends the customer to a form they can fill out to communicate their displeasure directly with you the business owner or manager! This feature is so awesome because it gives your customer a way to vent and communicate with you through private email as opposed to in the open on a social media platform or review site.

StoreSavvi.com helps you to solve problems with your unhappy customers before they turn into huge problems with online reviews that never go away!

StoreSavvi.com also gives you a management tool that lets you track all your customer experiences!

StoreSavvi Sign up screen

So once you have a customer experience in the system we start categorizing them for you so you can follow up. This tool lets you see at a glance who loves your business, who you have resolved issues with, and who you still need to help ,to ge them to a better experience.


Over time the notes in this system can become a wealth of knowledge for your team to see what works and doesn’t work in customer relationship management!


It’s that easy!


StoreSavvi.com makes the process of asking for and getting positive reviews for your local business Super Easy! And it helps you solve problems with unhappy customers before they become a big problem!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for StoreSavvi.com!

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